Sesame Street has been a household staple for the past 46 years, and continues to teach children how to grow smarter, stronger and kinder. It has won 108 Emmy Awards, and has been shown in over 140 countries. A critical and invaluable part of Sesame Street has always been the human characters. They represent the parent, the teacher and the voice of reason for their Muppet colleagues, and help to create a tapestry of inclusion, tolerance and love.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to meet The Humans of Sesame Street: Bob (Bob McGrath), Maria (Sonia Manzano), Gordon (Roscoe Orman), Luis (Emilio Delgado), Gina (Alison Bartlett), and Alan (Alan Muraoka). Hear about each of their unique and diverse journeys to the world's most famous street, and how the show and their characters have evolved over the past 46 years. An evening geared for adults (but the young and young at heart are enthusiastically welcome).

"Come revisit the best part of your childhood with members of the iconic television series Sesame Street as they share their unique stories. Through classic clips, music, and photographs, you will understand the humor and the heart that has made Sesame Street the world's most beloved and revered children's show, and the actors will reveal insights and secrets about their 46 years (and counting!) of filming."

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